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Our history

Our company was founded in 1943 as a grocery store, which follow, but often even anticipating the needs of customers has landed in the world of gastronomy with traditional recipes of the cuisine of Emilia, while maintaining the high quality of the ingredients.

Our philosophy

It is not less important the execution actually crafted the original recipe handed down from our grandmothers, from the preparation of the dough with flour and the best homegrown fresh eggs, to the processing of our products.


Our tradition

All products are manufactured in our tradition as our grandmothers, with their hands and their wisdom in giving the same dish every time a touch of artistry in more.

News & Recipes

Our passion is to always give you fresh products.
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Our production

Since 1995 we are in the market of the small restaurant with a large selection of starters and main dishes , even with boundary , to meet the needs of the lunch out of the house.

We are true craftsmen , so our product is really:


Staying in respect of the tradition but with a rigorous method of processing, contamination-free , with a continued focus on critical points and , not least , the cooling of the product performed in a few minutes to bring the heart of the product by more than +80 ° C to +2 ° C, thus inhibiting the growth of bacteria too , has allowed us to solve the problems arising from the period of the product.

Preservative free

To allow our customers to be able to fully savor all the quality , we used the method of preservation in a protected atmosphere .

Not pasteurized

This manufacturing process has allowed us to avoid the use of pasteurization of the product with consequent and inevitable flattening of that flavor that makes a nice lunch break.

Easy to repeat

Our products have an average duration of 25/30 days if properly stored in the refrigerator at a temperature between zero and four degrees Celsius . We can enjoy them in their original fragrance of freshly sautéed putting the unopened bag in the microwave for one minute on average , following the directions on the package. The trays that contain our product, besides being very functional , have been designed for microwave ovens , are therefore absolutely safe and certified . È can also use the non-stick pan , without adding anything to the product, to a reactivation of the classic , a little ‘ more laborious, but can enhance even more the craftsmanship of our product.

Contact us

Call us or write us to get information on where to find our products or to request them directly.

Call us: +39 0535 610263

Natali Alimentari S.r.l.
Via Maestri del Lavoro, 22
41037 Mirandola (MO)
e-mail info@natalialimentari.it

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